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About Kroll Computer Systems Inc.


Kroll Computer System’s suite of pharmacy specific applications provides software solutions to fulfill all of your pharmacy’s requirements today and beyond.

Serving over 4000 diverse customers including, chains, banners, institutions, independents, long term care facilities and specialized clinical settings, Kroll is the most efficient, innovative and user-friendly pharmacy management software available on the market today, backed by over 32 years of experience and customer satisfaction.

We provide comprehensive sales and support services with pharmacy dedicated and trained staff from our three locations in Edmonton, Toronto and Halifax.

Our byline "Pharmacy Focused... Technology Driven" encapsulates our end to end solution for all components of Canadian pharmacy. We are consistently first to implement technology advances, provincial health initiatives and interfaces to the best of breed offerings including: robotics, IVR solutions, off site backups, clinical programs etc.

Our fully flexible installation services include, software, hardware, middleware, training, and customizable 24/7 support programs.

We are certified in every province and territory and are an active member of many professional and government agencies and working groups.

Our product offerings designed for traditional pharmacy businesses include:

Kroll Rx dispensary site licence - Fully automated and compliant customizable application that includes all components of operating a pharmacy: filling Rx (patient, drug, doctor and SIG), adjudication, label printing, perpetual inventory, accounts receivable, extensive reporting, audit trails, wide-ranging SQL database, etc. all based on an intuitive Windows design.

Kroll patient counselling site licence - Fully Canadianized First Databank Knowledgebase totally integrated to the dispensary application. The solution provides the ideal drug knowledge solution for patients and healthcare decision makers alike. Wide ranging coverage includes, drug specific patient leaflets, drug to drug, drug to disease, allergy, pediatric, geriatric, alerts, contraindications and support models.

Kroll long term care site licence - This module specifically designed for nursing home clients includes customizable MAR’s, TMR’s and supports all unique operational matters including HOA, PRN, nursing instructions, specialized packaging, labeling, etc.

Kroll OffsiteRx site licence - The Rx data backup and recovery solution is an online, fully automated, monitored real-time, worry free, secure means to manage your data. The service includes: Kroll electronically installed, fast and easy online setup, 128 bit data encryption, authorized and authenticated data validation via a secure, redundant data warehouse. A 24/7 monitored end-to-end, fully managed recovery process.

Rx data conversion - Kroll provides complete Rx data conversion services to ensure a seamless transition from another system, providing all Rx history in a Kroll format from the moment you start using Kroll.

IVR, Erefill, Internet, POS, Accounting, Robotics, Cognitive programs - Our best of breed philosophy offers you a wide range of third party products via our many and standardized interfaces and APIs.

Hardware - The choice is yours. Kroll can supply you all the required hardware, middleware and peripherals or you are free to procure and/or reuse any component of the system.

Support - Here again we provide a full range of 24/7 support services for software and hardware. Our monthly support fees include all updates and version enhancements.

For larger customers we also provide a range of centralized applications that include:

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Central Fulfillment - centralized robotic filling centers supporting many local pharmacies.

Central Maintenance - head office control to "push" prices, drugs, formularies, etc.

Central Data Repository - ability to collect all relevant data from multiple locations for analysis, reporting, queries, etc.

Our flexible design coupled with our many years of experience in the pharmacy marketplace makes Kroll the best choice for effective and efficient pharmacy management.

Retail pharmacy has never been more challenging and diverse, please contact us to discuss your specific needs and let us provide you the solution you deserve!

Email us at sales@kroll.ca or call us at 1-800-263-5876 and press 3 for a sales associate.